14 Best Job Board WordPress Plugins 2023 (Free & Paid)

How awesome will it be to create a highly functional job board that will facilitate employment opportunities? Well, the following best job board WordPress plugins will not disappoint you to achieve the goal of building a job portal. And there are plenty of suitable options to choose from.

The following job board plugins come with full capability to take care of your needs. From allowing employers to post detailed job listings and receive applications online, to interviewing and hiring the perfect candidates. In addition, candidates will have a way to search and filter through listings, check out the details of each suitable listing, and submit their applications.

Regardless of your technical knowledge, you can tweak each of these plugins. Since we have picked only easy-to-use yet robust job board plugins, it will be a piece of cake for you to put employers in touch with freelancers from around the world through your website. Now let’s check out our 14 best job board plugins.

1. WP Job Manager

wp job manager, best job board wordpress plugin

WP Job Manager is a brilliant job board plugin with both free and premium plans to easily cater to your needs. You can use the free module for basic functionalities but for advanced functionalities, you won’t regret buying the premium one to create a live job portal in a minute with so many enticing features.

WP Job Manager allows employers to post job listings through front-end forms. They can preview their listing. They will also be able to mark filled, edit and delete the listings in the future. Employers will have their dashboard to manage listings, applied candidates, and so on. Job listings can be optimized for displaying the company information, expiry date, etc.

On the other hand, the ajax form can be used to search and filter out jobs. Hence, job seekers can easily find suitable jobs for them and, as each listing will be tied to an email or website, they will have no difficulties applying for jobs.

The shortcodes and developer-friendly code make it super easy for you to functionalize your website to be a modern job portal. You can introduce premium plans and monetize your website by using paid job listings and WooCommerce.

2. JobSearch

JobSearch Best Job Board WordPress plugin

JobSearch is another outstanding all-in-one job board plugin to help integrate job listing functionalities to their website. It has a wider range of breathtaking built-in features for uniting candidates and recruiters via your job board.

Adjusting the layouts provided by JobSearch to match your vision is a piece of cake with an extensive admin interface. You can take advantage of the numerous available shortcodes to quickly integrate job board features on your website. Because the shortcodes cover a range of features and are completely customizable. You can import demo data to get an instant push right out of the box.

JobSearch offers a custom dashboard to the registered job seekers and recruiters like many of the best WordPress job board plugins. The built-in registration and login system make it easier to build an internal network. Job seekers can use either simple or advanced search options to find the job openings they’re most interested in. Job suggestions, job alerts, frontend job submission are available to help candidates quickly apply for jobs. They can also upload and manage resumes, build profiles, apply with LinkedIn or Facebook.

What’s more, employers can track applications, get email alerts, build profiles with essential details.  Geo-Location Search, profile completion, job shortlisting, indeed integrations, social app login, translation support are some of the countless specialties of the astounding JobSearch. Needless to say, JobSearch opens the opportunity for you to earn money through your website by using WooCommerce paid listings and paid free listings. Finally, you can have a better understanding of how brilliant JobSearch is by taking a peek at its demo account.

3. WP Job Board

WP Job Board Plugin, best job listing plugin.jpg

WP Job Board is a powerful paid solution to create an advanced job board on your website. It provides a wide array of features standing out as an all-in-one solution for recruitment agencies, entrepreneurs, and job seekers.

WP Job Board, despite its advanced features, is an easy-to-use plugin. You can use the drag-and-drop visual editor to create forms for job listings, resumes, and applications. It offers 15 dynamic shortcodes out of the box which can be implemented in various sections of your website. Shortcodes are a great way to integrate complex functionalities easily. This job board plugin also works great on any theme.

Employers on your job board will get a dynamic portal to manage their listings upon registrations. They can post new jobs, manage listings, and edit their profile. Whereas job seekers can search for jobs using a powerful search engine, and apply. On employers' end, they can check job applications, candidates’ resumes, and necessary information. The exciting fact is all of these and more can be done right from the dashboard.

The job listings can be organized enticingly. There are options to add job types, locations, categorize jobs, and set an expiry date for applications. The PHP Templating Engine helps advanced users to modify the defaults or to incorporate new features.

4. Apply Online

Apply Online wordpress job board plugin, wp job listing plugin

Apply Online is a free and instant solution to connect employers and candidates through your website. Besides offering ample features to quickly set up a job board on your website, it can also be used to manage classified ads.

Apply Online, being a lightweight and super-fast plugin, flawlessly integrates into any website. You can use the standard interface to post ads into specific categories, also performing actions like editing or deleting ads are feasible. An application form builder is included to help you build forms using only a drag-and-drop interface. Apply Online includes hooks and functions to allow advanced customization.

You can separate the ads in different to organize them easily. The ads listing is designed to contain titles, thumbnails, excerpts, tags, and also an apply now button. The companies can add job descriptions, features, start & closing dates, and an application form to the ad detail page. And when any candidates apply for the job, they will get instant notification in their mail. For better judgments, they can add comments to each application.

Although Apply Online packs necessary features, the add-ons are available to incorporate further features to your website. If you face any problem with Apply Online, you can reach out to them via their website and get your problem solved.

5. Job Board Manager

Job Board Manager Plugin, Job Board Manager Joblisting plugin

Job Board Manager is another viable choice to create your job board, where candidates and their employers can connect and start collaborating.

The easy-to-use yet powerful features of Job Board Manager are huge draws for job recruiters, entrepreneurs to get their online job board rolling in the snap of a finger. You can overcome any technical difficulties due to its extensive documentation and top-notch support.

Like all great online job board plugins, Job Board Manager includes plenty of shortcodes for job board functionalities. From simply allowing employers to manage their listings through an advanced dashboard, to displaying posted jobs on your site all can be done via shortcodes. Moreover, you can implement multiple forms for user registrations, job submission, etc. with shortcodes. Overall, you get full control over your job board website’s functionality.

To help encourage both employers and job seekers to use your job board, the Job Board Manager plugin includes advanced application systems. For instance, job seekers can search and apply for jobs, display resumes, and attachments. Whereas employers can rate and hire the candidates. They can also communicate with the applicants. Eleven email templates are included to notify the users of different actions.

In a nutshell, Job Board Manager can help you go a long way towards creating a full-fledged job board with various features and functions with WordPress.

6. Simple Job Board

Simple Job Board is a lightweight free plugin that gives you full control over your listings. The simple and user-centric features of this theme provide an instant solution to add a job board. However, you can use the add-ons to integrate more advanced features into your job board.

The shortcodes make it a breezy task for you to incorporate various functionalities into different sections of your website. You can add categories, create job listings, and more only using the granular WordPress interface. This is a huge draw since the Simple Job Board doesn’t allow registrations. However, you can accept offers from employers by creating a frontend form.

The employers can categorize jobs, add location, job types while submitting listings. For in-depth information, employers can upload documents. The applicants have great options on their end too. They can search and filter out specific jobs, apply and get email notifications. The employers have the option to sort out the list of applicants suitable for the jobs.

7. WP Job Openings

WP Job Openings Plugin, WP Job Openings Job directory plugin

WP Job Openings is a WordPress job board plugin equipped with a wide range of tools and features. You can set up an internal job portal with WP Job Openings and start hiring eager candidates without leaning towards any third-party services.

WP Job Openings includes two impressive job listing layouts, along with all the essential functionalities to help you create a job board that will have the potential of constant growth. The easy-to-use options of this lightweight job board plugin give you a chance to perform any tweaks while ensuring a codeless experience.

You will get to choose from two layouts, grid, and lists, to style the job listings. Employers can post jobs with unlimited specifications directly from the front end. Whereas the job seekers can use the advanced ajax search engine to filter down their desired jobs, submit applications using a default form, turn on notifications, etc. WP Job Openings is optimized for search engines also. The compatibility with JobListing Schema for Google makes your job postings visible in search results.

Many more advanced features are included in the pro-version of this job board plugin. Email customizer, shortcode generator, application form builder, functions to shortlist, rate, reject, filter, and select applicants, as well as multiple add-ons, WP Job Openings makes sure you get it all and then some. Overall, the features of WP Job Openings convert your website into a bridge between employers and candidates.

8. Job Board

Job Board by bestwebsoft, Job board plugin, job directory plugin

Job Board, as the name suggests, has been particularly developed for job board websites. It comes with plenty of job board features to help you attract the right type of employers and candidates.

Job Board simplifies the process of managing job listings with job categories and types. Employers will be able to post jobs with information like job requirements, salary, organization’s type and location, expiry date, etc. They can also specify whether they are looking for full-time employees or interns etc. Moreover, they can mention salary types and currency.

Candidates aren’t overlooked either. They will get to customize their profile, upload CVs, search and apply for jobs effortlessly. Both candidates and employers can perform all these actions directly from the front end. 

You don’t need to be tech-savvy to build a fully functional job portal with Job Board. It sets you up with multiple shortcodes to implement job listings and registration forms right out of the box. You can add custom codes to introduce unique features to your website. Finally, step-by-step documentation and videos are just a few clicks to help you overcome any barriers.

9. JS Job Manager

JS Job Manager, JS Job Manager Job Plugin, JS Job Manager Job portal plugin

JS Job Manager stands out as a solid choice amongst WordPress job board plugins. It is packed with powerful features and is determined to give you a gorgeous website out of the box.

To begin, JS Job Manager includes 45 shortcodes that allow you to implement a wide list of features into your website effortlessly. As an administrator, you will be able to manage the job types, shifts, status, experience, and other specifications. You also can create a registration and login system with social media sign-in using the built-in features. JS Job Manager offers SEO-friendly URLs to help you get a better ranking.

Besides easing things out for you, JS Job Manager offers numerous features to fill the vacancy between employers and job seekers. It includes a top-notch search engine with ample filters, multilanguage support, job alert, resumes, and geolocation search to help the candidates find suitable jobs.

Employers can use the dashboard to post unlimited jobs with detailed requirements to get the perfect candidates for their job. They can also message the applicants to have in-depth conversations. Other specialties of JS Job Manager are email templates, credit system, and log, social media applications, activity log, extensive job forms, job share, etc. Not to mention, you can extend the list of features with the pro-version.

10. Jobs for WordPress

Jobs for WordPress Plugin, WordPress jobs plugin free, free job plugin

Jobs for WordPress from BlueGlass focus to assist you to create a job board website that targets both job seekers and employers. This job board plugin organizes the posted jobs on your website in a structured way so that your website gets a better ranking in search results.

You will get to manage job listings and categorize them for better workability simply from the backend dashboard. Styles of job listings and application forms can also be changed. After you are done customizing, you can implement job listings, job search, and other features by inserting shortcodes.

Candidates can carry out detailed searches and apply for jobs through the linked e-mail address on the job listing page. Registered employers can submit their job offers with detailed information, and organize the applications for their job.

The job board administrator will have freehand to modify the features of Jobs for WordPress due to its developer-friendly functionalities. Custom post type and implemented hooks come in handy to create advanced features effortlessly. Thanks to the ‘honey pot’ and ‘Google ReCaptcha, your job board will be safe from spammers.

11. WP Job Hunter

WP Job Hunter plugin, WP Job Hunter job listing plugin

WP Job Hunter combines lots of essential brilliant features for both recruiters and candidates, making it an all-in-one WordPress job board plugin.

What makes WP Job Hunter special from other mediocre job board plugins are its unique features along with generic features. Besides offering features like job listings, search form, detailed listing pages, and so on, WP Job Hunter offers custom categories with keywords, automatic tag generation, visitor stats, etc. to help you manage your content better.

WP Job Hunter allows users to customize stylings to match their vision properly. For instance, you can have your custom ‘Apply Now’ button for job listings. There are functionalities for filtering down job listings to specific locations and professions. The single job listing pages are designed to contain detailed information with social share buttons and google maps. Don’t worry about your tech skills as WP Job Hunter is a newbie-friendly job board plugin.

You can import job listings from popular job board sites like Indeed, CareerJet, SimplyHired, etc., thus making it super simple to earn money with affiliate programs. Moreover, you can automate your job postings and earn commissions with shared jobs as well as get a better ranking due to rich content. Because of its responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility, WP Job Hunter works great on any device or browser.

12. Ninja Job Board

Ninja Job Board plugin, Ninja Job listing plugin, Ninja Job directory plugin free

Ninja Job Board is another free option for those looking to build a professional job board quickly and easily. This job board plugin is decked out with amazing features for creating job postings (even multiple at a time), searching and filtering posted jobs, notification alerts, application management, email broadcasting, and more it’s a top-of-the-line choice to build your job board site.

This plugin includes a drag-and-drop form builder and a large list of fields to create job submission forms, questionnaire forms, and more. The plugin doesn’t contain any extra code and follows all the best practices, making it a super-fast and lightweight job board plugin. 

13. Go Fetch Jobs

Go Fetch Jobs plugin, Go Fetch Jobs wordpress plugin

Go Fetch Jobs is designed to offer you a gorgeous job board out of the box. It is a way to go if you use WP Job Manager and want to populate your job portal with fresh new jobs. It integrates with WPJM seamlessly and also with other popular job portals such as indeed, monster, etc.

Go Fetch Jobs bundles RSS Feeds to allow you to import jobs from any job board to your website. Just copy your favorite job boards’ RSS Feeds and paste them directly to Go Fetch Jobs for having fresh jobs instantly on your website. You can use the premium version if you want to automate the process every day.

14. Job Manager & Career

Job Manager & Career Plugin, Job Manager & Career wp plugin

The primary goal of Job Manager & Career is to help you create a job board while ensuring a codeless experience. You can implement job board functionalities to any page you want by inserting the respective shortcodes. Because of its advanced yet easy-to-use interface, you will be able to manage and filter the details of your listings.

Job Manager & Career has options to highlight special jobs, add multiple application methods and additional features. You can try the premium version of this job board plugin for extra amenities. The premium version allows you to add custom fields, customize career pages, show application status, override theme style, and many more.

Our Opinion about Best job Board WordPress Plugins

1. What is the best Job Board WordPress plugin?

wp job manager - best wordpress job board plugin

WP Job Manager.

WP Job Manager not only stands out because of its niche-specific functionalities but also for its easy-to-use interface. This powerful combination facilitates employment opportunities and takes your job board to a new height.

2. Which is the fastest and SEO-Friendly Job Board plugin?

WP Job Openings Plugin, WP Job Openings Job directory plugin

WP Job Openings.

WP Job Openings is a lightweight and search engine optimized job board plugin. It organizes your job listings intuitively and is compatible with JobListing Schema for Google. Thus, your job postings get visible in search results while ensuring a great user experience

3. Which one is the Mobile-Friendly Job Board plugin?

WP Job Hunter plugin, WP Job Hunter job listing plugin

WP Job Hunter

WP Job Hunter is smartly coded to fit in every device and work in every browser. Needless to say, this plugin will gear up your job board to provide the best user experience on any mobile device.

4. How can I make my Job Board website faster?

To make your restaurant theme faster, you should optimize your static resources (HTML, CSS & JS) and cache your contents. You also need to use scaled and compressed images on your website. You can use WP-Rocket to do all of these easily and to make your restaurant theme faster. or you can share your restaurant theme name in the comment section. Our experts will test your theme and give you the feedback about how to speed up your restaurant theme.

We sincerely hope that you have found the best job board plugin that matches your vision to create a fully-fledged job board. You can contact us for further assistance if you face any difficulties.

You can check out our ‘Best Job Board WordPress Themes’ article to build a dedicated job board effortlessly. Before we bid farewell for today, we just want to let you know that your honest feedback will mean a lot to us. Peace.

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